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Clean Bubbles

Events & Workshops

I am an experienced trainer, educator and facilitator and I am proud to have presented at over 100 workshops, trainings and conferences including:

  • Association of Alcohol & Drug Agencies NT Workshop Darwin 2022

  • Association of Alcohol & Drug Agencies NT Workshops 2021 Alice Springs

  • Association of Alcohol & Drug Agencies NT Conference 2021

  • Australian Association of Social Workers Conference 2020

  • Top End Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Forum, Darwin 2018

  • Australian Association of Social Worker’s Conference NT, Alice Springs 2017

  • Youth Empowered Towards Independence State Forum, Cairns 2017

  • Australian Council for International Development Conference 2017

  • Dovetail Queensland Health State Forum, Brisbane 2016

  • 4th National Indigenous Alcohol Conference, Adelaide 2016

  • Central Australia Midwifery Forum 2018-2020

  • 3rd National Indigenous Drug & Alcohol Conference, Melbourne 2014

  • 2nd National Cannabis Conference, Brisbane 2012

I provide bespoke trainings for staff in the following areas:

  • The Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Trauma & Addiction

  • Working with Trauma- a Somatic Approach

  • Using Sensory Tools for Nervous System Regulation

  • Somatic Nervous System Approaches to Healing Developmental Trauma

  • Understanding Complex Trauma and C-PTSD

  • Mental Health from a Autonomic Nervous System Perspective

  • Brief Interventions & Motivational Interviewing

  • Rural & Remote Supervision for Human Services Workers

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